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Connect the headset to the phone via Bluetooth  Wireless Bluetooth Headset is several processes in which you can do this. But different m...

Connect the headset to the phone via Bluetooth 

Wireless Bluetooth Headset is several processes in which you can do this. But different manufacturers and brands have different techniques of activating their headsets' Bluetooth connectivity(which I think is silly totally). It might be a sequence of buttons which you have to press altogether, or some brands have their uniqueness so a dedicated Bluetooth buttons ships in too with the headset. And some provide a two in one functional button for the activation. Make sure you know the right button or the right sequence to activate the Bluetooth and wait for a confirmation signal(if any). Else you might have to check it with the help of another device to ensure discovery. After you have done it properly, then look for the next step to the whole process.

Secondly, use a phone to look for the discovered Bluetooth earphone with mic which you will connect with your phone. One thing to consider is that you also have to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone too to see. And do use a properly configured Bluetooth phone with proper settings.  If the device of Bluetooth is visible or not. (you can either go to settings, then Bluetooth and then click on devices. Else you can just drop down your notification menu and then turn on the Bluetooth or after turning it on, hold tap on it which will then take you to the main control settings. VOILA!) If the Bluetooth device had not shown up, then you might not have activated the Bluetooth on the headset properly. Make sure you do it in the right way. After doing, the device name will show up in the devices of your mobile screen. (if again it did not show up, then turn off the Bluetooth of the both your devices and turn them on again. This sometimes technically happens due to a Bluetooth driver error which most of the time gets fixed by just a simple restart, you don't have to bang anything). After this Bluetooth headset device should show up.

After it has shown up, then you have to pair it with your phone's Bluetooth connector. Pairing is done in order for an identification for target wireless earbud that need to connect for data enabling and data sharing. Pairing in olden days with slower Bluetooth connections had to be done manually with a common key which is required by both of the users to be entered and then the pairing occurred successfully. In the latest Bluetooth connections, this is not at all needed to be done at all, the pairing trouble is completely taken care of by the Bluetooth system and it occurs much faster than before. You only have to accept for the connection to proceed and the pairing will be done successfully. Sometimes in case the devices have shown up properly and the pairing options do come up (and you accept it too) but the pairing is terminated immediately or the pairing doesn't occur at all. This is the much rare problem that occurs. You solve it easily too. Just do a Bluetooth restart on your device and try connecting again, or restart of your phone will also do Better. Try it. After you have completed the pairing successfully, now you are good to go with the connection and you can share whatever you want.

One point to keep in mind is that you should know, Bluetooth is a short range based radio type service which only works with nearby devices. So in order to connect two devices (or your headset with the phone), you should keep them close for a better cover. Else the connector will not be able to detect the other connector which will ensure and verify the connection. This is a much common error which occurs but it does not have any solution unless you why it occurs. Another point which you should remember while using Bluetooth systems is that they can lose connection anytime if the provided range is less than the max of 10 meters (this is the max range of the latest Bluetooth generation as of the earlier ones had much lower ranges). This is due to the fact that Bluetooth is not similar to wifi which uses a high-speed data connector to control the incoming and outgoing data signals. Bluetooth is a very low-grade small range system connection which also uses very low power to drive itself.

Regarding the phone which you are going to use for the whole process, make sure the default Bluetooth settings on it is configured properly. Like you have to keep the visibility of the Bluetooth connection visible, else it will not be able to be discoverable by other devices. And also tap the discover other devices which will make it to quickly discover other nearby Bluetooth headset devices. Once you have paired up with a device, don't delete it from your devices list if you have finished your tasks, since you might require it again, so doing the whole setup might take a long time, so it is better you keep it in the list. This is a much faster process for instant connection activation only and then you are good to go for sharing.

Thus now, you know to connect your headset to your phone via Bluetooth.